The Writers Group is the newest one at Keirunga and evolved after our 2011 Workshop Weekend.

The monthly meetings provide a forum for discussion, guidance, and interchange of ideas, all set in the inspirational environment of The Cottage, in the beautiful Keirunga Gardens.

All genres of writing are covered at various times – poetry, prose, family stories, creative writing, and flash fiction. Tea or coffee of course commences each monthly session.

Writers’ Group Contact, Paula O’Boyle,  (06) 878 3314, Email

Equipment & Materials
Members provide their own materials, the most important being their ideas and inspirations.

Membership Costs
Please contact us for specific costs, which are made up of three parts:

  • Membership to Keirunga Gardens Arts & Crafts Society Inc. ($50 = GST per annum)
  • Group Facility Fee (variable)
  • Additional group costs (variable)

Meeting Times

2nd Sunday of the month
10 am to 12 noon 
In the Cottage.

Group Contact, Paula O’Boyle,  (06) 878 3314,