Keirunga Book Arts
Diverse Art Forms: The group covers a wide range of artistic expressions, including bookmaking, cards, boxes, paper sculptures, altered art, surface design, decorative papers, and more.

Inclusive Approach: The group welcomes participants of all skill levels, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced artists. The inclusive nature of the group fosters a supportive environment for learning and sharing.

Monthly Studio Sessions and Workshops: Monthly studio sessions and occasional tutored workshops offer a structured and varied learning experience. This format allows participants to engage in regular practice while also benefiting from more intensive, guided instruction during workshops.

No Special Art Background Required: The group emphasises that no special art background or prior experience is necessary. This encourages individuals with diverse interests and skill levels to join and explore the world of book arts.

Skill Sharing and Collaboration: The group actively promotes the exchange of techniques and creative ideas among its members. This collaborative approach creates a dynamic learning environment where participants can learn not only from external tutors but also from each other.

Equipment and Materials: The group offers some basic materials, such as bookbinding board and cloth, at a small cost. This is a practical and convenient resource for members, especially for those who may not have easy access to these materials on their own.

Contact Information: Raewyn Harrison’s email allows interested individuals to get in touch for more information or to join the Keirunga Book Arts group.