Keirunga Update – May

Hi all

This is a friendly reminder to everyone to be vigilant about locking the Keirunga buildings after using the spaces.
We’ve come across that the Homestead been left unlocked on a couple of occasions and recently the Frank Bacon studio veranda left unlocked. (Discovered last Thursday morning).

Please have someone in your team or perhaps allocate two people to double check that all doors are locked, windows are closed. Heaters & zips (in Homestead) appliances and lights etc turned off before leaving the premise.

Secondly, the groups in the Homestead are doing a wonderful job cleaning up after themselves, thank you so much.

For the art studio, please make sure tables are wiped, floors are swept. 
Give the studio a quick once over ready for the next group to use. 

Lastly we have our old cleaner, Jane, back on our team for regular cleaning.

Thank you kindly & warm regards,

Amanda Sowersby
Venue & Events Manager
06 8778340