Keirunga Traffic light system update as follows below.
Dated 16 December 2021

As you are all aware, New Zealand moved into a Covid protection framework and a traffic light system on 3rd of December 2021. As a temporary measure Keirunga adopted a mixed model approach to allow continued operation and the facilitation of a meeting involving all parties to discuss moving forward.

This meeting was conducted at 3:30pm Monday the 13th of December in the homestead.

The complete presentation can be downloaded and viewed here.

Link is

Key points derived from the Meeting.

● The Protection framework is the guiding principle behind any policy set by Keirunga. It sets out the boundaries, freedoms and constraints in which Keirunga needs to operate under.

● Keirunga as a society and leaseholder is responsible for setting its own policy inside the framework.

● Keirunga is inside a public space and a condition of its lease is that it remains available to the public to hire.

● Keirunga Creative Arts Venue is an incorporated society. (KACS) It has three contractors including a part time administrator.

● Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, KACS is a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) a business that is responsible for the health and safety of its premises. This includes Covid planning.

● Member groups are not PCBU but as they fall under the KACS banner they share a role in Health and Safety.

● Other users operate under a hire agreement with Keirunga. Some will be PCBUs others will not, but as they all enter into a hire contract with KACS they are equally responsible for Health and Safety.

● KACS can choose to be a vaccination passport verification facility or non passport required facility.. It can also choose to switch between. (This is a mixed model approach)

● Groups of hirers cannot mix.

● The society’s business is to provide rooms for hire by artistic groups. Of which there are member groups and non member groups.

● The society does not have a full time staff member and is not in the position to appoint one.

● Therefore KACS cannot not actively monitor a system requiring vaccination verification nor conduct the cleaning of each room between users. It is also unable to comply with the minimum cleaning requirements set down by the ministry of Health.

● The business functions of KACS falls within three areas covered by the framework. These are Public facilities, events and gatherings, and Entertainment, recreation and exercise.

● For each of these areas different rules apply depending on whether vaccination verification is required or not, plus, the colour in the region is within the traffic light system (Red, orange or green). Refer to the presentation (here) or the website for more information.

● However some things will require vaccination passport verification in order to proceed.

Examples are, Artist exhibition and Theatre shows. Therefore users need to have the ability to switch.

● The framework will be reviewed on June 2022.

The presentation also covered areas relating to public areas, defined spaces, cleaning, requirements for staff within Vaccination verification or no verification methods. A robust discussion occurred around cleaning responsibilities and opportunities for groups to make their own decisions.

As a result of the discussion that followed between the attending groups representatives and board members it was agreed that, KACS should remain as a mixed model venue. On the 15th of December 2021 the Board – vetoed the suggestion and adopted the Vaccination passport and verification option.

Keirunga will move to a Vaccination Verification Facility by 6 January 2022.

What does this means.

● All Member Groups – hirers – are required to gain members’ consent to record and verify their vaccination passport and record both the permission and the verification on their membership list. This is to prevent having to verify each time you arrive at Keirunga.

(Note verification must occur with those who claim medical exemption. They once verified will be able to participate in activities.)

● Potential new members must present vaccine pass before entering any room on site.

● Any new user of Keirunga must provide the same.

● No individuals are allowed onto Society owned or leased buildings without a vaccine passport and verification is strongly recommended.

● KACS will continue to clean the other toilets five days a week and general clean of the facility twice a week.

● Some consideration has to be made towards cleaning of facilities on a daily basis and on the weekends. (The latter as and when required).

● KACS will create a Privacy document for member Groups only to use should they decide to go with vaccination passports required.

● Member groups will have until the 6th of January 2022 to provide Keirunga with their membership list.

● Keirunga will display Passport verification signs around the whole facility and outside each room.

● As the courtyard, Deck, and garden areas surrounding the buildings are Public spaces – under the HDC Parks and reserves – Keirunga cannot exclude the public from entering them unless, a member group or hirer wishes declares in writing they are conducting an event in that area and manages it accordingly which includes.

a. Restricting access to the outdoor area,

b. Signage declaring an event and,

c. A control point to view and verify vaccine passports. (Groups cannot operate outside in the public area if no event is declared).

● Keirunga will have to validate all contractors passports.

● No Contractor, or visitor can enter society owned or leased buildings without passport verification by a representative of Keirunga.

Under Orange groups can operate as follows.

An entire facility privately hired for a gathering, eg a bowling alley hired for a staff event.

● Your business can operate.

● Face coverings are required for workers, and strongly encouraged for others.

Warren Elliott
Facilities Manager and H@S officer
Keirunga Creative Arts Venue

Chris Moore
Keirunga Creative Arts Venue