mary sullivan

I – Mary Sullivan am a contemporary abstract artist living by the sea in sunny Hawkes Bay.

After completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at Ideaschool, EIT, Taradale in 2015 I now work as a full time artist.

My signature style is large contemporary abstract landscapes and seascapes in subtle moody tones, often rich in texture in either thick buttery acrylics or rich oils with layers of translucent cold wax. Minimialist and serene, the work is a collection of random mark making, often incorporating other media such as plaster, pigment, grit, inks, rust and stains as well as gold and copper leaf.

Out of random mark making something recognisable emerges, while something one thought to be recognisable recedes back into randomness…

My other medium uses organic materials such as beeswax, pigment, ink  and shellac, heating them for the process of encaustic wax on wood. Encaustic painting is an ancient technique, dating back to the Greeks who created portraits in wax to place over a mummy of the deceased as a memorial. The colour remains true to this day. By nature, these elements originate from the same source and by uniting them within the artwork a special link is formed.

My work is in collections throughout NZ and internationally.