Dick Frizzell

Dick Frizzell, born in Auckland, is one of New Zealand’s most loved, sought after and recognized senior artists. A New Zealand icon, painter, printmaker, Renaissance man, and all round design ‘aficionado’, his artworks have become some of New Zealand’s most well-known images; from his 4 Square local grocer, to the controversial but also best loved work, “Tiki to Mickey Tu Meke”.

Born in 1943, Frizzell first studied at University of Canterbury gaining a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 1968.  It was then that he worked in advertising and here that Frizzell began transferring household or everyday items into images that were re-invented to capture the eye.  After fifteen years in this industry, Frizzell then went on to teach Fine Arts at Elam Arts School in Auckland. He began painting full time in the 1990’s, and in 1997 held a retrospective exhibition of his works called “Dick Frizzell: Portrait of a Serious Artiste”. This was toured to major national institutions.

His works are held in all New Zealand major public, corporate and private collections and he has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand.