david guerin

I have called myself an “Imagist” for years now. I make images, but I am never quite sure where or what the image will be or where it originates from. By trawling art history  from the depths of pre-history to the contemporary modern, with the re-cycling depot, the op-shop, and scrap-metal yard positioned some place in-between  I keep my eyes and senses attuned for the fortuitously-found inspirational starting point. I also whittle a lot.

The processes, the materiality, and the uncertainties of sculpture-making are an eternal amazement to me, along with the way sculpture makes memory material and time concrete. I have recently been awarded my PhD in Creative Arts and Visual and Material Culture Studies.

I have also undertaken a daily drawing project (since 1981): draw on anything, with anything, any time.

I am a foundational member of MANZ (Medal Artists of New Zealand) which has been regularly exhibiting since 1989; the group shows at Artis Gallery in Auckland.

 I live in Havelock North and sometimes I teach secondary school visual art.