Jacqueline hailed from South Africa in 1998 after many years in Europe and the Middle East.  Her working career spanned across South Africa, Europe, Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand.  At an early age, Jaki became a leader in her profession and spent many years public speaking as well as being the youngest person to Chair the South African Direct Marketing Telemarketing association.  Jaki became part of the senior management teams at a young age and worked across multiple industries.  Jaki came to NZ with her husband and daughter in 1998 and ended up being the principal partner in a consulting firm that reengineered contact centres.  At that time, Jaki also lectured for the Direct Marketing Association as well as developed the first recognized contact center team leader certificate.  Jaki has been in Hawke’s Bay for 5 years where she runs Seasons Art Class.  Jaki has two daughters who are both students at the University of Victoria and Auckland