Background: Potential Delta in Hawkes Bay.

A person with COVID 19 has visited Hawkes Bay. While there are no reports of positive COVID cases in Hawkes Bay there is one area of interest. Kmart Napier – 63 Ford Road, Onekawa. Friday 15th October 3:54pm – 5:15pm.

If you visited this place at around that time or have been associated with someone who has then please,

Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days after you were exposed at this location of interest. If symptoms develop, get a test and stay at home until you get a negative test result AND until 24 hours after symptoms resolve. 

As a precaution. Effective 22/10/2021 8 am. Any individual undertaking activities at Keirunga must,

  • Arrive with a mask on and keep it on.
  • Sign or scan in.  
  • Maintain a social distance of 1 m. 
  • Use sanitiser on hands and contact surfaces.

If you are not vaccinated you are advised to stay home. Please communicate with Warren Elliott the Health and Safety officer if you are remaining unvaccinated or have a medical reason/exception not to wear a mask. 

Exception. Actors who are rehearsing for the Arts festival may continue to do so without a mask once inside the rehearsal space. However, all staff and visitors must wear a mask, at all times and all members of the production must arrive and leave with the mask on.

 Remember symptoms can include.

  • headache,
  • sore throat
  • runny nose
  • fever
  • persistent cough.

We will follow this with interest and advise you of any necessary change. We will also be checking for compliance with this alert.

This alert will be reviewed in 5 days.

In the interests of health for all members; if you have the flu or illness of any description, then please stay at home until you are well. And please, consider getting your COVID Vaccine.

Warren Elliott 

Health and Safety Officer.