Keirunga Gardens, the creative hub
Keirunga Gardens, the creative hub
Keirunga Gardens, the creative hub
Keirunga Gardens, the creative hub

Keirunga Book Arts

The Book Arts group opens the door to the art of book making and related arts and crafts. Learn how to create original books, cards, boxes, paper sculpture, altered art, surface design, decorative papers and more.

Through a combination of monthly studio sessions and occasional tutored workshops, participants explore a broad range of new and traditional “book arts” techniques and skills. No special art background or experience is required. 

Book Arts members represent a wide range of skill levels. The group encourages the sharing of techniques and creative ideas. Group members learn from each other as well as from outside tutors and other instructional resources.
For more information on Keirunga Book Arts, please emaol Julz Henderson at 

Equipment & Materials

Some basic materials including book binding board and book binding cloth are available from the Book Arts Group at a small cost.
It is strongly recommended that each group member obtains the following basic equipment: craft knife and spare blades, mechanical pencil, self healing/ cutting mat, metal ruler, PVA glue, glue brushes, bone folder, awl, blunt bookbinding needles.
These are easily obtained from art supply, stationery and craft stores and we are happy to provide advice on where to purchase items.

Membership Costs

Please contact us for specific costs, which are made up of three parts:
  • Membership to Keirunga Gardens Arts & Crafts Society Inc. ($50 per annum)
  • Group Facility Fee (variable)
  • Additional group costs (variable)
Some groups may also have external affiliation charges. 

Meeting Times

Last Saturday of each month

10am to 4pm
In the Homestead

2nd Monday of each month

6.30pm to 9pm
In the Frank Bacon Studio